A little bit of snow and an escaped convict

Yesterday I arrived in Salem. My trip here involved snow flurries (no big deal) and strong winds. Anytime I approached 70 mph, the car tended to blow around like a paper towel in a tornado. Okay, not that bad, but you get the picture. Took 84 to Mass Pike to 95. 3 hours drive.

Until I got to the stop sign to turn on Hawthorne. Traffic is backed up and no one can move. Eek. So I wait my turn silently cursing the traffic gods. I left NYC and this ain’t tourist season in Salem. WTH?

Well, turns out the cops had been searching for and captured an escaped convict. LOL. Gotta love my luck. Once I park the car, a news crew rushes over to ask if I saw anything. Nope. And if I did, having a camera in my face wouldn’t help.

I checked into the Hawthorne Hotel economy room. It’s about the size of a Manhattan studio in Meatpacking. Um 300 sq ft. I have to take the toilet paper roll down to use the toilet otherwise it bites into my ribs.

But it’s a great location and the room is clean.

More importantly, The tavern serves delish food. I had an apple-pumpkin bisque soup, a chicken ceasar salad and a gingerbread ice cream sandwich drizzled in honey.

Dessert blew my mind. Hence the pic above. Yummie to the nth power.

Last night I was up in my room editing the YA novel. Today I’ll start the sightseeing. 🙂

And I wrote 500 words in my adult novel last week and finished a chapter off. I like things tied up in nice tidy bows.

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4 Responses to A little bit of snow and an escaped convict

  1. marian says:

    Sounds good–dessert looks yummie–my weakness–be safe and I’ll see you Saturday–
    3 hours–I need to teach you where that gas pedal is—LOL

    • OMG, I heard gingerbread ice cream and she didn’t even need to say sandwich. I was sold. The problem was my rental car. Economy. Think plastic barbie car. Anytime I ventured over 70, I was tossed around the highway like a rag doll. Made me long for my old VW beetle–that puppy could drive. 🙂

  2. berry says:

    That’s my kind of dessert. I love gingerbread. Salem is nice but not now. Cold. Enjoy your vacation.

    • Almost hit the Tavern for dessert tonight. But I’m not gonna eat badly. Resist impulse. It is cold, but INVIGORATING. That is what I tell myself to walk around here with the blustery wintry winds. 🙂 Having a great time. Love Salem.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?