Katy Perry–Queen of Cliche Twists?

Love or hate Katy Perry, she does one thing amazingly well–cliche twists. Making cliches fresh and engaging the listener. Check out this song…

If you click Watch on Youtube you can also read the lyrics to the song below it.

This song (The One Who Got Away) also had a ton of cliches but it worked for me.

How many cliches do you see? Did they work for you? Why or why not?

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4 Responses to Katy Perry–Queen of Cliche Twists?

  1. Lucas says:

    Sometimes my canary and I sing along to her “Peacock” song, becuase we both enjoy tunes about birds. I’m thinking of writing one about a Cockatoo next.

  2. Lucas says:

    Usually my singing doesn’t go further than the shower. However my canary has a voice like an angel, so she might do well on youtube. I only wish more artists would follow Katy’s lead and write songs about beautiful bird species. They sure are underappreciated. If I hear another song about a baby I might scream.

    • Lucas, even the shampoo in the shower begs me to stop. I’ve got a horrible singing voice. Best reserved for long car rides alone. Canary+youtube=a hit. LOL. I’m sure there will be a spat of songs about that topic. Once someone opens a door, people tend to rush through it. But would you want to hear about toucans? When she said I just shed a tear–i almost spewed coke on my friend. Hilarious. OMG, baby is a word we should all agree to refrain from singing for 6 months.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?