Blast from the Past…Rejection 3 years later

So yesterday, I receive my full manuscript back from a publisher with a polite rejection letter. I’m shocked. Not by the rejection. No. It was an early draft and I submitted it in 2007 when I knew zilch about the publishing industry. Three and a half years later, I got rejected. I know publishers are inundated with manuscripts, but um after 1.5 years I took it as a rejection. No need for an anvil to fall on my head.

I read the first page and laughed my ass off. Seriously, this was the crappiest writing ever. I certainly learned a lot since then. Miracle of miracles, this draft made it through the first round at the publisher. They told me in 2008. I still have that letter. I must give them credit for at least sending a rejection letter and responding. I really appreciate when people follow up. Even if it takes them a while. 🙂

But now I’m wondering, that guy who said he needed space in 2005 and disappeared, is he going to show up on my doorstep thinking we’re still dating? Will someone I had a crush on in middle school finally respond to my note asking to be their girlfriend?

Have you had any blasts from the past lately? What was the longest time in took to receive  a rejection letter on your query/manuscript?

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2 Responses to Blast from the Past…Rejection 3 years later

  1. berry says:

    I’m always being rejected. Story of my life. I’m still waiting for billy l. To ask me to be his girlfriend. Only been waiting forty five years. Top that.

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