Bring on Christmas

Two days after Thanksgiving, my family was seized by the holiday spirit. Enter the Christmas Tree Farm in Southington. My aunt’s family had her requirements (under 7 feet and nice and full) and mine had ours (5 ft not too wide or too big).

Together, we hunted for the best trees. Luckily, my uncle has a truck so when we heard they were going shopping for their tree we kinda, well, begged to come along. It was such a memorable experience. We’d done this many times when I was a kid, but not since then.

This year since I’m home for the holidays I kinda, well, demanded a Christmas Tree. When you have the time to decorate and enjoy it, you have to have one.

So we found our tree and cut it down. Then we brought it down the hill in these cool tree wagons. Then they shook out the dead needles. And we loaded them into the truck and by we, I mean the guys and not me.

Here’s how ours turned out after an emergency trip to Walmart for lights.

Here’s a glimpse of my Aunt’s Tree

I know it’s way early for Christmas but now we get a month to enjoy our trees. After years of my fake pre lit tree in NYC, I’m really excited to have a real New England Christmas again.

Do you get a Christmas Tree? How do you decorate it? Hodgepodge of stuff or a theme? Do you have a favorite ornament?

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4 Responses to Bring on Christmas

  1. berry says:

    Love Xmas in New England. Christmas trees look great. Fun is looking for the right one. Love the lights on yours. Bet you had hot cocoa too.

    Enjoy your tree.

  2. Lucas says:

    Here’s something you may find humorous –

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?