Grandma, Psychic Medium, and Wedding

Thought I’d mix it up a little with a quick update on my day-to-day life. Six days of Crimebake summaries may have addled your brains. Whoopsie.

Last week Grandma E and I went out to L restaurant in Middlebury. It’s a lovely place for a quiet grandma-granddaughter lunch. The waitress was a sweetie pie. The owner–very down to earth. They started us off with their bowtie pasta and garlic snack–Delish. The bread was good too. I ordered the Chicken Milanese and Grandma E had a sandwich. My chicken had the perfect amount of  breading. The meat was tender and moist. It came with fresh spinach. Yum.

We had a leisurely lunch ending in the apple turnover. Worth every calorie, though more like a cobbler than a turnover. Good size portion too. By the time I finished, I was stuffed.

Grandma and I stopped in at Hidden Treasures to look at the Vera Bradley bags–Grandma E loves them. The owner was super friendly and chatted with us. All and all a night day out.

The next night, I went to The Palace to see Lisa Williams, a psychic medium.

Gotta say, the place looked AMAZING. First time inside it. Lisa Williams was very cool. Wonderful personality. Very warm and friendly. The things she said were freakily on target for the audience members. Sadly she didn’t have any spirits with messages for me or my friends. Oh well. A fun night out.

Last Friday, I went to a wedding at the Society Room in Hartford. Jaw dropping venue. Gorgeous bride. Great night out.

Here’s me in one of Momo Falana’s amazing creations with an underskirt fluffing it out.

Okay so none of the interior shots came out well. This is the best I can do.

Anyway, met some of my mom’s co-workers and the bride’s neighbors. Lovely people at our table.

Mind you all these social things were going on as I overhauled my YA novel for the umpteenth time for a contest.

And that’s the quick and dirty on my social calendar.

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?