I Hate Dusting

Thursday, I took a break from reading and writing to dust my room. Or rather, I forced myself to stop writing and get rid of the dust. I HATE DUSTING. And as I made my way around my room I realized why:

  1. I’m allergic so I always sneeze when I do it despite taking Zyrtec.
  2. Two seconds after I dust, the dust resettles on the surface. This feels utterly pointless.

I talked to my grandma about it, she too hates dusting. Mainly for reason #2.

When you do laundry or dishes, even vacuuming, you see the results and they last a few days. But dusting–nope. In a few hours dust settles back on surfaces. In a day or two, it looks like I never dusted. I’ve found that doing laundry lets my mind relax on a repetitive task and gives me great story ideas. So laundry I love doing!

I also hate raking leaves. Probably because the trees keep dropping them. Until they are bare. It’s like fighting nature, man. You can’t win unless you give up huge amounts of time.

To me, time is the most precious commodity. And I will do chores, but dusting–please no!

I have friends who cringe at cooking or cleaning the tub.

Which chore do you hate doing? Which helps you think/spurs creative moments?



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2 Responses to I Hate Dusting

  1. Lucas says:

    I can have a thrill cleaning the feathers and seed-droppings out of the canary cage. I have a new canary named Juniper and she chirps in delight when I tidy up her cage. Sometimes her chirps remind me of tunes I used to hum as a little boy.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?