To Change or Not to Change?

So I’m having a major dilemma over the beginning of my book. I think it comes down to two different ways to start a book. I’ve gotten feedback that the story is well set up and feedback that I should start with the major turning point in the book and make ch.1-6 backstory.

Here’s the problem with starting at the major turning point for me. I like to progress with a story. I like to meet the characters and invest in them having the story unfold along with getting to know them. I want to care before the big event happens. And I have beta readers who completely agree with this. Who love the setup. And I have people who have told me the beginning is too slow and to jump ahead.

I’ve tried to imagine the jumping ahead. Honestly I have. But I can’t do it. It feels like it’s not my story then. It’s not the story I want to write. But I’m really frustrated because I don’t want to be pigheaded and refuse to try something. But I also don’t want to go against every instinct I have.

This has happened before and I usually go with a majority rules thing. But it seems pretty evenly split. Which makes me think this is one of those times where it’s a different view on how a book should be structured. Neither is right nor wrong. But each will appeal to different people.

I personally love the idea of an adventure–a quest. And I guess that comes through in my writing. I like things set up and built up. Others prefer to get right into the big cataclysm in the story. But I wanted to show life before to illustrate how much the world changes by the end of the book. I wanted to show character development.

So I’m left wondering if my point is getting across? And I guess it isn’t to everyone. But that is what happens. People read themselves into books. People have different tastes. And sometimes you have to go with your gut and see where it leads you.

word count: 59,437

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