This is how we vote?

I go to vote on my birthday and boy was I in for a surprise. They’ve revolutionized they way we vote so that it’s like going back in time to the 1800s. I’m thinking this method must be used in developing countries because it is ripe for voter fraud.

Here’s the process. Walk up to a table. Show your driver’s license and you get crossed off the voter list. Then you are handed a blank peach colored index card and told to walk over to another table in the gym. You hand them the peach card and they hand you your ginormous ballot card. Does anyone see a problem here? What’s to stop someone from coming in with a dozen peach cards (throughout the day) and getting a dozen ballots and just skipping over the first line? NOTHING.

So then there are 10-12 stations set up for filling out your ballot form. But the privacy sides make it hard to see the ballot. And the sharpies used to fill out the ballots keep being stolen so there’s a gaggle of people standing there waiting for a station with an actual sharpie to open up. Organized? Um no. Efficient? Definitely not.

And filing in circles with markers to vote? WTF? Is this my third grade standardized testing? This is an improvement over the lever system? NO. It’s a de-evolution of the voting system. What happens next year? Do we simply raise a hand or say yeah or nay like the rowers in the picture above?


Then you get in a fourth line to put your ballot in an automated machine and get an I voted sticker.

In California, I voted with the chads. You showed your ID and were handed a ballot by the same person (nice control there). It worked as long as you punched them correctly. In New York, I showed my ID and then got in line for a booth. I pulled the levers–I thought this was the most straight forward system ever. Now we move to filling in circles on tests. Are you freaking kidding me?!

The lack of controls over this process. Shit. I could write an essay on it. It’s a cake walk audit because it is so easy to identify the places where controls are sorely lacking and need to be implemented.

How was your voting experience?


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8 Responses to This is how we vote?

  1. Gerard says:

    Really does sounds a bit third worldish. Maybe we should use the purple ink on the thumb process like they do in Iraq…that will keep people from voting twice. But it won’t stop someone from passing out those peach cards to a bunch of unregistered voters. Sounds like they need more security…and brains.

    • The peach card process stumped me. There was no need to make that a two step process. And if they did, the cards should have had a seal or stamp on them to make sure no one could fake it. I mean really how hard was that? Maybe it comes from years of auditing but I look at a process, especially when I’m forced to endure it and I immediately think about how to game the system and where controls should be put in place.

  2. berry says:

    Mine was just as bad. But bridgeport ct ran out of ballots. What’s that all about. Voting has taken five steps back. Vote online somehow.

  3. Loren Chase says:

    This year mine was pretty easy, I got my ballot in the mail, filled in the bubbles and mailed it back in. Previously though! I had to show my ID, have them double-check it because apparently a phone bill, passport, and Ohio ID are extremely hard to identify… Then I had to get in a line to make sure I was in the right polling area… (I thought that was what the ID was for) And then they had to double check my ID with the people in the first line. (They did this for almost everyone) Then I had to proceed in almost the same way you did. Wait for a booth with a pen to fill the ballot with. And then have everyone shuffle to find a pen for those without. (How many people does it take to find one pen??) But that’s been the past 2 years, this year was easy compared to them.

  4. jen says:

    At least I don’t live in bridgeport where they RAN OUT OF BALLOTS BY MID-AFTERNOON!

    Do we need 3rd party. Verification like we impose on fragile democracies? My polling place is the hartford public library in our fine capitol city. I too am displeased with out “bubble test” like system and the ease of fraud. You mean I show up wit a light bill and I can vote? Shit I’m gonna start stealin mail and vote for all those lazy americans! Kidding of course. Send this blog to our new secretay od state ms merrill.

    • Bridgeport was a huge screw up. I get that not everyone shows up, but you should have a ballot available for every registered voter in case they do. Period. And if we used the lever machines this would not have been a problem. Why are we going to paper ballots and then not ordering enough? I feel horrible for those people who had to wait hours in line to vote. It’s an absolute shame on this state.

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