Productivity Matters

Have you ever gotten really sick and needed a few sick days? I am in between jobs (still laid off), but I have chores and lots of writing stuff to occupy my time (when I’m not job hunting). Anyway, yesterday and today are my sicks days. I don’t have to call into anyone except myself. And I’m calling in. Right here. Right now.

I’m going to nap. Read an easy book. Eat. Nap some more. I’m going to baby myself back to feeling healthy.

The weird thing is when you work full time, you’re expected to be available via email and phone on sick days. Even do work from home. This is insanity. If you are too sick to leave the house, you need to rest. Period. So corporate America chill the hell out. You give people 3-5 sick days max a year. Back off.

Sure firms can use the economy to terrorize people, threatening to lay them off. But the economy will get better and those employees can find something better.

Personally, I can do more in an hour when I’m motivated than in six when I’m not.

Here’s another thing I don’t get–productivity is never ever measured by companies. If I do 20 things in 8 hours and my co-worker does 18 in 12 hours, why is he lauded and I am told to work harder? Why is face time a measure of productivity? My suspicion? Managers are lazy. Clocking someone’s hours is easy. Figuring out what they do in x hours requires doing math.

My bff and I always thought being fast and efficient were skills. Evidently not. No it is better to be slow and appear busy if you want to climb the corporate ladder.

Last week my bff asked me about 16-6. Never heard of it. He explained someone told him he worked 16 hours 6 days a week. The guy was proud of this. If you’re job=your life that’s cool. But for most of us, that is like giving up on living.

Okay I’m rambling. Might be the fever. But you get my point? Probably not.

Life is short. Prioritize. You should come first 90% of the time (at least).

Oh and no word count increases today. Sorry. I only hit 3K this week. But I budgeted in time to get sick, so I’m still on schedule.


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2 Responses to Productivity Matters

  1. Loren Chase says:

    I hope you feel better! I always hated how at an old job when I finished the paperwork and filing early they were almost mad that they had to search for more work for me to do. So then I had to forcibly slow myself down because they couldn’t find enough things that needed to get done. And the girl who took a million breaks, never came in on time, and always left with a pile of folders that hadn’t been organized or looked over, got applauded. It can be very frustrating. I am definitely working on prioritizing my life right now, I always feel like I have to fit myself in. Get plenty of rest! 😉

    • I’m feeling like myself again. Lots of sleep. 🙂 Yeah, I hate when they are frustrated at having to find more work. Um, hello? That’s means I was super productive and you got your money’s worth! It’s always a struggle to make yourself a priority. For some reason we are taught that is selfish. But since we only get one life (that I am aware of) shouldn’t we come first in it? You can still be considerate but not sacrifice yourself for everyone else.

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