Taylor Swift Does it Again

Been listening to Taylor’s new CD Speak Now for the past couple of days. She amazes me with her voice, her songwriting, and her ability to tap into everything I’ve ever felt.

The CD booklet prologue sets up the entire CD as a collection of things she should have said and needed to say. Sometimes those moments left undone haunt us. This is an intimate look at those moments from her life. And her way of getting rid of regret.

How many times have you held back, when you had something to say?

We’ve all gone through breakups. What amazes me is that she finds the strength to keep trying. She doesn’t give up. She works through the pain. We could all probably learn a thing or two from her.

So the songs. WOW. Each one creates a scene in my mind. A snapshot of her life. And conjures up a memory of a similar experience. That’s what I’ve always loved about Taylor Swift, she gives you a glimpse of her life and reminds you about your own experiences, creating a bit of magic with each song.

My favorites include: Haunted, Back to December, and Enchanted.


Enchanted conjures up every damn! moment where there’s immediate attraction and you crush on someone. You have all these possibilities before you. It’s am amazing moment, so full of hope.

Haunted reminds me of the limbo you go through when love is dying. You try to get back to what you had, but keep losing ground. You hold on and it slips away faster and faster. But you refuse to give up. Even when there is nothing left.

Back in December brings me back to the time I screwed up a relationship. Never realizing what you were destroying until it was embers in front of you. Bad calls are the worst. At least when you are the one that gets hurt, you know you were the good person. You can take that forward with you. But being the screw up, you regret that.

What are your favorite songs on Taylor Swift’s new CD?

BTW Word count hit 51,472 as of this AM!

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4 Responses to Taylor Swift Does it Again

  1. berry says:

    Don’t really like her. Too cutsey for my tastes. But everyone has different opinions. So rock on Taylor.

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