The Pleasure Seekers

Last night,Mom and I were looking for something to watch as we ate dinner. We’re TV watchers while we eat. Anyway, Dad notices The Pleasure Seekers, a 1960s movie with Ann-Margret. Mom and him start talking about how great she was. I’m suspect. It takes a lot to catch my attention and a two hour movie is a big chunk of time.

Fast forward an hour and I’m completely hooked on this film. It’s the same single girls fall for guys story, but it’s set in Madrid. Each guy has a host of problems that prevent him from being with the girl. The girls are all pretty and yet have trouble getting a man. I guess that’s a universal problem women have had for centuries. This was a cute take on it.

The girls were all in shape, but not sticks. It was nice to remember that society’s obsession with looking like a bag of bones is something recent. You forget beauty once included having curves. Now when they say someone has curves, they mean she might be a size six. Reediculous.

They had the pervert neighbor who kept trying to catch a glimpse of them through the windows.

I loved seeing the old cars and people smoking in their offices. Seems like another world.

Made me want to go off and live in a foreign city for a while. Just for the experience of it. Then again, every time I read a cool book I want to try the protagonist’s profession. I guess that’s what good storytelling does to me.

The music and dancing were pretty entertaining. Overall worth watching.

Do you like movies from the 60s? Which are your favorites?

Word count update: 50,251. Finally broke the 50K mark!!!!

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2 Responses to The Pleasure Seekers

  1. berry says:

    I love bye bye birdie. Also all the old beach blanket bingo movies with frankie avalon. Takes you back to a time when life was easy. Watch more older movies. They don’t make them like they used to.

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