Weekend Warrior

I set a goal to write 5K words for my new novel each week. Last week I wrote 6K, bringing my word count to 48,702! It sounded so hard when I started on Monday but by then end of the week it was easier. I also decided to revise on Friday and added 1000 words in revisions for everything I drafted Monday-thursday.

Sat is my day off to spend time with the family. Sunday, I went back to editing and revising of my first novel The Radcliffe Curse for the Minotaur Books Contest, where I have to submit the entire manuscript.

I joined a writing critique group that is just starting up. So that should be fun and painful. Feedback always hurts on some level. It has to because it tells you where you disconnected with the reader. But it gives you the opportunity to fix it and make things better.

I finally finished unpacking the boxes from my move. Those last 3 lingered. Now I am all moved in.

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6 Responses to Weekend Warrior

  1. berry says:

    What’s next on your to do list. You are keeping busy. When is next conference. Do you take criticism well. Most people do not. I hate being criticized. Negative. But u guess could be constructive. As a writer you need it right. But not too much. Good luck in contest.

    • I’m going to Crimebake Nov 12-14. The weekend before is the CTRWA monthly meeting and the weekend after is a CTRWA workshop. November is very busy writing wise. I don’t think anyone takes criticism well. I like to mull it over. Sometimes I try changes suggested and find they help, sometimes it takes me a few weeks to come around. Other times, I have a different vision and don’t make changes. It really depends on the type of feedback. If something is confusing to the reader I’ll try to clarify it. If the reader dislikes a word choice, I’ll consider whether it is part of the character to say it and if I think it is necessary. I do my best to be open to criticism, even though it hurts. 🙂

  2. Loren Chase says:

    5K a week sounds like so much! You are a total inspiration. With everything that your involved in you always seem to hold everything together and be so organized. I don’t know how I could handle everything you have on you plate. Good luck with your critique group!

    • It does, but when you sit down it’s only 3-4 pages a day. Approximately 1-2 hours of serious writing. Right now, I have lots of book stuff going on because the job market is pretty dead. Trust me, I get overwhelmed. I have meltdowns. BTW, I have been slacking off on exercising. That’s my next thing to get on a schedule with. It’s constant juggling. 🙂 Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. Gerard says:

    How are all the dogs doing? I know, a little off point, but just curious as to what they do when you are hunkered down during the day.

    • I take them out to pee and play catch for half an hour every afternoon. Whenever I leave my room, I say hi to them. Sometimes they forget I am here and get really excited! It’s cute.

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