Top Eight Under $30 Eats in NYC

As I bid adieu to NY, I thought I should share some of my favorite things. I did live there 8 years…so here goes..

  1. Treats Truck (Linzer Tart Cookie and Chocolate Chipper and Caramel Creme Cookie)
  2. Kwik Meal on 45th and 6th. (falafel on pita and chicken over rice w/ extra chicken)
  3. New Green Bo 66 Bayard (white fish with dried seaweed and the crab meat and pork soup dumplings)
  4. Big Wong’s on Mott Street (the dried scallop congee)
  5. Vatan  on 29th and third  (all you can eat Vegan Indian)
  6. Moustache 11th Street in the East Village (Great hummus and Ouzi)
  7. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory on Bayard St. (Pandan, Taro, and Lychee ice cream)
  8. Nyonya (Grand St) (Chicken Hainanese, chicken broth rice, and roti canai)

BTW Wordcount at 47,652.

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2 Responses to Top Eight Under $30 Eats in NYC

  1. berry says:

    I hope to visit the city soon. Will try some of the places. Do you miss nyc. Maybe the food. Does ct have great food.

    • Not yet. I lived there for a long time, but it was kinda wearing me out. It’s an amazing city, but it’s intense. Everything is a hassle, a line, or a fight. Sometimes all three. Shopping on a weekend for clothes=HELLISH. I do miss the food though. Blaue Gans….Big Wongs… 🙁 Haven’t explored enough in CT. I’m sure there is good food it’s just a matter of finding it. 😛

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?