Gem Show in CT=Shopping Spree

So last Sat and Sun (Oct 16-17), the Bristol Community Center had its annual gem and mineral show. I’ve been meaning to attend the past 2 years and this year as luck would have it I was in town. Permanently. LOL.

Rock shows, for me, are most women’s equivalent of Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacob bags. I want everything I see. The minute I walk in, I have to repeat my mantra, look don’t buy, until I get the lay of the land. So hard to restrain myself. Think diabetic in a candy store. I circle the entire place and then I see a cool tiger’s eye bracelet. The stones are shaped like bones. And the colors–browns and blues swirl together. Tiger’s Eye is OL’s fav stone too. Must buy it. Then I spot a Selenite crystal. And $20 later I’ve made my first purchases.

Now I’m warming up. Promising myself I will not go over $20 a piece, I circle to another table and see this light green rock. Looks like a bowl filled with liquid stone.

Then I go back to the table that caught my interest…

Gorgeous carnelian.

Then I decide what the hey, I blew through $80 bucks might as well go get that smoky quartz I liked when I walked in…

I circle over to my dad, who is eyeing the scrimshaw. He asks if I liked the fish fossil. I advise that they are cheaper at another table. He’s like if you were getting something what would you get here? I told him I liked the sea shell fossil. I thought he was asking advice as a collector, but instead he surprises me with this cool fossil as a gift:

Then we scouted around for a gift for mom. I found a pretty hematite bracelet and a chalcopyrite rock (which she always tells me to buy when she sees at the rock store). And that was father daughter bonding time at the rock show.

Will I go again next year? Yup.

And word count:46,581.

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4 Responses to Gem Show in CT=Shopping Spree

  1. berry says:

    I love rock shows too. Makes for good bonding time. The items you bought are awesome. Sounds like a fun time with dad. Seems like a nice guy. Wish my dad did stuff with me. But not possible now. Have a great day.

    • It’s funny, I drag people to rock stores and shows, but then they kinda get interested. How could you not? 🙂 I’ve gotten a few friends into collecting. It was a nice little break from his work for dad and it got me away from my desk for a little bit. Weirdly enough, my parents like hanging out with me.

  2. Loren Chase says:

    I had to comment on this… I have never been to a rock show before! But they sound amazing. The students at my school in the jewelry department create amazing pieces by carving marble and other stones. Tiger’s eye has been my favorite stone since I was little and played with my grandmother’s necklace. The pieces you got are beautiful. 🙂

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