DWTS–Who do you have your eye on?

So Monday night, I watch DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) with mom. It’s become a ritual since she helped me move out of NYC. For 2 hours you watch these people compete and then Tuesday they get the results. Monday, I felt like Kyle was robbed. Lacey and Kyle’s number rocked. They had charisma, energy, and the steps were sharp. I also Love Kurt and Anna, who did well and I want to see them continue.

I’m not one to vote in contests, but I broke down Monday night and logged into abc.com. I had to give Kyle and Lacey some votes, a couple to Kurt and Anna and one to Jennifer and Derek and one for Brandy and Max. They only got one because I didn’t think they needed it because they were scored well by the judges.

Who do I think will win..tough call. Right now I think Jennifer Grey is likely. Though Brandy did bring it this week. And Audrina has had moments of stunning technique.

But there’s something about Kyle and Kurt. They’ve both made huge improvements over the weeks. And I always root for the underdogs.

Who are you rooting for?

And what a sad night…I can’t believe Florence Henderson went home. I so thought she was safe since the judges loved her dance. She did awesome. 🙂 But on the upside, Kurt and Kyle are still in it!!!

BTW word count hit: 45,442 today.

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2 Responses to DWTS–Who do you have your eye on?

  1. berry says:

    I so want Jennifer grey to win. She deserves it. Remember nobody puts baby in the corner.

    But there is some stiff competition. Brandy is coming along. Bristol should just go.

    But I also have my eyes on someone else. Guess who.

    • Jennifer is amazing. I was shocked when she was in jeopardy last night! Brandy really kicked it up a notch. Bristol tries, but she got lost a few times in the last dance.
      Hmmm….Could it be Audrina?

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