They Never Listen to Me

After twenty minutes outside, I announce to the girls, (the whiner, old yeller, and the hellion), that it’s time for dinner. I order them to come inside and offer cookies. What happens? Old Yeller, who usually wanders off, charges at the hellion and they engage in horseplay. The whiner sits quietly by, yanking up the lawn and chewing the dirt.


Again, I call them and say dinner’s ready. What do they do? Ignore me. Worse still, the whiner starts playing with them.

I don’t know what to do with these girls. None of them listen to the babysitter (that’d be me). I can’t get them to do anything without screaming and even then they do the opposite or ignore me.

Yeesh. And I only take them out 1-2 times a day to pee. Imagine being their full-time parent? Then again, they might listen to me if I was.

Was this all I did today? Hell no. But it was the funniest part of the day. The rest of it I spent going over the first 6 chapters of my two novels and editing them to send the proposals out on Monday. This will be my last auction from Brenda Novak’s summer auctions. I realized I need to work on writing scenes with several characters talking. It doesn’t come easily to me. Then again, I rarely engage in conversations with multiple people at once. But I’m glad I recognized this weakness and now I can proactively address it in my writing.

I’m experimenting with the tagging of the dialogue to make it enhance the scene and not suck the life out of it. So there are some he said and she said. But I added more action and description of what the character is doing to the tag. Fingers crossed this makes it flow better.

Weirdly enough, as I was making the edits, I realized the tabbing is flawed in the manuscript. Grrrr. Like sometimes I hit tab and it shows up as such and other times it’s spaced over. So I have to work on correcting that. Time consuming and no idea why that happened.

God the time flew by. When I was bidding–way back in May, I had a full time job and money to burn. Now, not so much. Times changed. Weirdly enough, I think I am a lot happier now. I’m not trapped in my day job. And even though looking for a new job takes up time, I still get to write a lot more than I could before.

And it’s only 1 month until Crimebake and 2 weeks to the next CTRWA meeting!

I’ve also managed to eat well the past 3 days. Trust me as a carb addict, three days is a good start. 🙂  Things are starting to calm down and come together now that the move is done. I’ve also been good about doing my back and neck exercises. See? Compared to the rebellious dogs, the rest of my day is a bit boring.


And now that the move is done and I am settling in, I will return to blogging 5 days a week! In case you missed me. 🙂


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4 Responses to They Never Listen to Me

  1. Gerard says:

    Nice looking dogs. I’m sure they like being with you. Great way to take a break from the writing and editing.

  2. berry says:

    Dogs are fun. The girls look beautiful. I love the story and the nicknames you give them. Your days are pretty full. How did you manage before with full time job? Funny how you can do all but gets exhausting. Conferences sound exciting but must be stressful too. Good luck.

    • Thanks! I think burning the candle at both ends with a blowtorch is how I did everything before. LOL. I was very tense juggling it all. Conferences are great learning experiences, but they require a lot of preparation, focus, and tire me out. 🙂

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