Gallavanting with My Girl

Today, my grandmother picked me up to go out on the town. She knows I have no car since I just moved back to CT 1.5 weeks ago. So she decided Wednesday will be our day to run errands and go galavanting. Grandma is my girl outing of the week.

She’s pretty cool. We run a few errands–register to vote, register the dog at town hall for me.  Grandma loves the fall foliage btw. She points it out to me as she drives and I snap a few pics.

Then we head to the mall to window shop. She mentions that she needs a new bra. But she just wants to look and not buy.

To me, needing a new bra is a crisis situation. Deathcon 4. Not quite on the level of the Middle East peace crisis, but damn near close. I mean a bra is the centerpiece of any woman’s wardrobe. It affects how your clothes drape and how you feel about yourself, because let’s face it despite women’s liberation we all like to have a nice rack. No one wants them to sag or droop. And  a good bra can correct a lot of the havoc mother nature is wrecking on your breasts.

I mention that I buy mine at Victoria’s Secret and that they make all kinds of bras. I stress the importance of investing in 2-3 bras that really fit well. So we go to Victoria’s Secret and they tell me they have done away with all there 40+ sizes. Unless you buy them online.  Just so you know, grandma falls into this category. Right now, we need to try things on and figure out what style is right for grandma. So screw you Victoria’s Secret.

Next we end up at JCPenney. I’m thinking they will have bigger sizes and better prices anyway. We browse through but only see up to 38 in size. So I ask the sales lady and she looks at me like honey you can’t wear a 40 or higher. And I’m like no this is for grandma. She is still skeptical and measures grandma. We find out what the correct size is. Then she picks our 4 different styles and we convince grandma to try them on.

I go in and end up helping her with the clasps. Grandma tells me I should find a job as a bra fitter since I’m unemployed. I try my best to keep from laughing since it’s a bit of a change from auditor. We go through 7 bras before we find the one that fits right. Success!

Then I convince her to buy it. I push for two, but she holds firm. When we go to check out the store has a nice surprise for us–it’s buy 1 get a second one for 88 cents. Grandma leaves the store with two new bras for the price of one! She’s thrilled to get a deal and two well-fitting bras. I’m happy she’s happy.

Then we grab lunch and chat.

It’s funny, I always end up being a personal shopper to the ones I love. With OL, it was dress slacks. With grandma–bras. Wonder what Mom will have me picking out with her? 🙂

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6 Responses to Gallavanting with My Girl

  1. Gerard says:

    Great photos. Sound like your grandmother is a bunch of fun.

    • Thanks, they were taken within the car. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of point and click. She’s a cool older lady. My family is full of interesting people…now that I’m back some of that will trickle into my writing I’m sure. 🙂

  2. berry says:

    Sounds like you and your girl had a great time. These memories are nice to have later on in life. You must have a talent for helping people do what they put off. Sounds like a new career in the offing.

    What does your mom dislike doing.

    • I tend to be a doer. I hate waiting for anything. LOL. It’s funny how people get on the bandwagon or get run down by it. 😉 Hmmm…there are a few things my mom needs to work on…like relaxing. Maybe I’ll get her going on that.

  3. Elle says:

    Sounds like a great girls day out…. your grandmother is lucky, I walked away with 2 Momo dresses 😉

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