Hooray for Temporary Blinds!

So my big activity today was cutting 5 temporary blinds and hanging two of them. My dad had to hang the other three because of how hard it was to get to those windows. The room is coming along. Now I can sleep in here. I can’t sleep if there is too much light and there are 9 windows in this room. I know, how did anyone put 9 windows in 1 room. It’s intense.

Oh and the printer is up and running, so I can print everything for the saturday CTRWA meeting.

Also a writer friend read my novel and got back to me with amazing input so I’ve got several days to a week  of work ahead of me there. It’s funny the things you miss even on your 100th draft. But I’m uber grateful to have someone take a look at it and give me their feedback. The hardest thing about feedback is getting it for the later chapters of the book. Most auctions and critique groups are focused on the first 5 pages, or the first chapter or first 3 chapters. So my first chapter was in great shape, and chapter 2&3 were pretty good, but the rest needed more focused attention.

I’m also contemplating my costume for Crimebake. Vampire or red and black colors…Hmmm. Any ideas?

And I start my Essentials of Romance Writing Class from Writer’s Digest University next week!

Until then back to unpacking…

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2 Responses to Hooray for Temporary Blinds!

  1. berry says:

    Well you can always get job hanging blinds. Fun.

    Sounds like you have some work to do writing. Good luck. It’s always worth the effort to get the best result.

    Kudos to you.

    • LOL. I could also become a professional packer or move coordinator after this summer. Yeah but it’s worth it. Plus when you suddenly see something isn’t working you want to fix it. 🙂

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