So as much as I hate moving, I love love love nesting. Deciding where everything goes and having the chance to rearrange all your stuff. Deciding what can be sent to storage and what gets a place in the new digs. All day I was unpacking. Okay 6 hours of today. Then I was hanging temporary shades (which are pretty cool). Except for the cutting part. That takes a bit of time. Unpacked 28 boxes since Friday evening. Have about 20 left to do.

The most important thing was set up first–my wireless. The desk and bookcases were done before the bed had sheets. Guess that’s why I’m a writer. I signed up for CTRWA and am attending the meeting this Saturday. Super excited. Doing a critique group for the first few pages and synopsis of my paranormal romance. It’s my baby that I’m still birthing. I’ve got the synopsis done and 3/5 of it drafted. But it hasn’t been subject to the round of criticism that the YA paranormal mystery has. So (gulp) feeling pretty nervous.

I’ve managed to drop 10 of the 15 lbs I put on during my summer vacations. Thank goodness! Today I plan to read the other synopses for the meeting and hang window shades in all the windows. Maybe assemble a stand up rack for clothes. And unpack a few boxes. Still a lot to do before I’m settled in. But it feels so good to be out of the city. To have space and time and quiet. Course I am only a few days into life here…

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  1. berry says:

    Quiet is good. Enjoy your new place. It’s not forever. Think of it as a luxury hotel.

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