Austrian Museum Disappoints

I was really excited to visit the Neue Galerie on 86th and Fifth Ave. It’s a gallery of Austrian and German Art. I loved the museums of Vienna so I thought this would be a fun thing to do.

Wrong. It’s 15$ to visit 2 floors. That’s a pretty high cost. But if it was chock full of art, I’d say it was worth it. Instead, I was treated to 2 dozen sculptures of facial expressions on one floor, a room of sketches, a room of paintings, and a room of furniture and furnishings. And by furnishings, I mean ikea-looking silverware, coffee pots, and crystal glasses.

To top it off, as I am walking around the ugly expression sculptures, the museum guard comes up to me and tells me that it is museum policy that I not drape my sweater over my arm and I must either wear it or tie it around my waist. I’ve heard of museum policy to check umbrellas and large bags but never to force patrons to wear their clothing in a certain manner. Plus, I was warm so his options were ridiculous. I dumped the sweater in my large handbag. At that moment, I realized I hated this museum.

I had zero interest in the bookstore because who wants a memento of this experience? I wanted to try Cafe Sabarsky, but the line was out the door. So we left and headed to Blaue Gans to salvage the afternoon.

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2 Responses to Austrian Museum Disappoints

  1. Kara Kenney says:

    Good Morning. I am so sorry yor experience was less than favorable, but I do hope that Blaue Gans helped to brighten your day!

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