San Diego I do miss you

Our next day consisted of a 8+ hour drive back to San Diego. Tough day. We started off well leaving the lovely Mammoth Lakes and stopping in Lone Pine at an awesome rock store. Made several purchases there. But we made the mistake of not eating and then faced hours on the 15 with nothing edible around. Ouch. When we hit San Bernadino the move from  one lane highway to 6 lanes threw me. It was a bit intense. I wanted to get through there before we tried to eat. BIGGER Mistake.

We ended up stuck with a Carl’s Jr. Not my idea of a good lunch. Then we got back in the car and headed south. Except all of a sudden a cop car comes on the freeway weaving back and forth with his lights on. Everyone slows down and comes to a stop. I’ve never seen this before. They were still clearing an accident from the freeway. So we all come to a stand still and await instructions. The rest of the ride toward San Diego was uneventful. Except for me wanting to pass out at Mira Mesa. Weirdly enough, a day packed full of driving (for a non-driving city girl like me) does me in. WE broke for a half hour or so and then drove to downtown San Diego.

To the Westin on Columbia and Broadway. The worst Westin I’ve ever stayed at. I’m talking Holiday Inn experience with a Westin price tag. First off, the pool is closed. WTF?! I booked the hotel for the pool. And it’s being resurfaced. But wait, they say I can walk 4 blocks to another Westin and swim there. Why would I want that inconvenience?! I can go swim in the ocean too. Our room was tiny. The valet was 32 and change per day. And our last night, there was a beerfest outside that was so loud I felt like I was in a college dorm. And it was scheduled to go to 12AM. My calls to complain were ignored. Finally, a manager called and offered to switch our room. That allowed us to get 5 hours of sleep before our 5 am wake up for a 7:50 flight out to NYC.

But our last day in San Diego, OL was great. We went to Old Town and Torrey Pines Beach.

We walked and talked for hours. We had dinner at Cotixan. We decided downtown was not for us and we’d stay in La Jolla or Del Mar on the next visit.

Sometimes it’s nice to wander into the past, especially when you bring someone from the present along. 🙂

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2 Responses to San Diego I do miss you

  1. berry says:

    I loved La Jolla. Best vacation. Beaches great. Food fab. Loved LA too, especially the Venice Beach shops. Sounds like a great time with OL. Pics great. Loved the stories.


    • La Jolla is really beautiful. Torrey Pines is my fav area. LA has some great spots too. I really liked the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, and West Hollywood. It was a lot of adventures this summer. I had scheduled my vacations back in February when I was in my busy season at work. LOL. Didn’t picture getting laid off for the summer back then though. 🙂

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