Sorry to be MIA so long. I was in Death Valley in 122 degree weather. Yeah, it cooled down at night to 108. We stayed at Furnace Creek Ranch and I didn’t realize we had internet until after we left. Total blonde moment. Anyway, we are now in Mammoth Lakes, CA. It’s under 90 and I love it here.

But I have to catch you up on what we did in Vegas. Our last day, we toured the strip in 104 degree weather. At the time,  I thought this is hell on earth. But no. I would travel onward to Death Valley and feel 110-122 all day. I have a new understanding of hot. Anyway, we toured the hotels on the strip. There is a gorgeous waterfall at the Aria. Luckily, as you walk you can duck into buildings and move down the strip. OL laughed at the Caesar’s Palace talking statues. It was a fun free show, but kinda cheesy. The Venetian’s gondolas rocked, but we got turned around and decided it was a conspiracy to keep you in the hotel. He enjoyed the streets in New York New York (after spending 6 weeks in the actual city).

By the time we made our way from the Encore to New York New York it was 4PM. We decided to grab a taxi. Oh, not so easy. Took us half an hour to get to a hotel that had a taxi stand (MGM Grand). Then it was a 15 min ride back to our hotel. We had planned to hit the Sahara for $1 blackjack, but had tickets to Jubilee and had to be at Bally’s by 6:30 to pick them up. We ended up chilling in the room, then driving to Bally’s. Box Office was really well run and no line. We got our tickets and walked around the hotel. We split a strawberry banana rum slushie drink–delicious and walked around Bally’s accidentally wandering into Paris.

We headed back to the Jubilee Theater and got to our seats, which were awesome in terms of watching the show, but not comfy to sit in.

The show was awesomely amazing. Singing, dancing, feathers, sequins, and a topless extravaganza. The pacing was fast and the scene changes kept me entertained. This is the quintessential Vegas show. I am so glad I saw it. They sink the Titanic and re-enact Samson and Delilah–to name just a few of the skits. They also have acrobats and contortionists during the set changes to make sure the audience is on the edge of their seat. I couldn’t believe how fast time flew by!

Next we headed to Bellagio to watch the fountains. This is a pic from my cell phone camera.

We ended up driving to Sahara to gamble afterwards. My advice–spend 5-10$ a hand and gamble elsewhere. I played there in 2003 and the place is really sketchy now. A cockroach greeted us as we walked out of the parking garage. We should have heeded the warning and left. Once inside all we found were $5 tables for blackjack, although they advertise $1 Blackjack everywhere. It was rather depressing inside. We went back to our hotel and had room service to salvage the night.

Stayed tuned for highlights from the Death Valley  Tour…

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