GPS–Let me count the ways I hate you

Since our plane touched down on Friday in San Diego, I have been thrilled to be back in my old stomping grounds. The weather is 70s and partly to mostly sunny. The beaches are to die for. The Mexican food is scrumptious. The hotel (The Pearl) is nice.

Sounds like a recipe for total relaxation right? Enter GPS, my newest nemesis. When I lived here (pre-GPS), I’d map out the route and drive it. I knew where I was headed and I only got lost infrequently. Now we have GPS. Great in theory, shitty in reality. She announces turn right and then adds in 2 miles. Great I just turned right. Now I have to make a legal u turn. Fabulous.

Today, I tried to go to the Cabrillo Monument. She routes me away from all the signage. I hesitate but follow. She brings me onto an active naval base. I have to u-turn and exit. How does GPS think it can route me onto a naval base?! Why are there roads considered accessible since they aren’t without special clearance?

Tonight, she hit an all time low, taking me on almost every freeway in San Diego (except the I-15)to get from Del Mar to Hillcrest (I-5 North, I-5 South, 805 South, 163 South, 8 East and 8 West) and still couldn’t get me to Hillcrest. I lost it. She actually exited me off 2 freeways only to get right back on the very same freeways. It was insane. What is the opposite of helpful? GPS. The only time driving was stress free was when I mapped it out ahead of time and turned her off. And the freeway hopping she pulled at night.  I don’t have great night vision. I almost pulled over to cry. I ended up at McDonald’s for dinner. Thank you GPS. You suck.

I am going to map it out and rely on my cell phone navigation. For some reason she seems far more friendly and straightforward. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. Fingers crossed, I will get to Coronado.

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2 Responses to GPS–Let me count the ways I hate you

  1. berry says:

    My experience with gps is just like that. It is not useful and redirects you the wrong way. Throw it out. Matilda as I call her is fired.

    • For some reason the GPS in the car is horrendous but my cell phone navigation is decent. I call the cell Victoria and the car GPS is Rachel. I hate Rachel. She is a deceitful treacherous girl who enjoys sending me onto naval bases and jumping on and off freeways like a kid bouncing up and down on their bed.

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