So I signed up for a query and a manuscript critique at Killer Nashville. Both I will receive this morning. I’m a little bit butterflies in the belly.

I also signed up for verbal pitches. Think godzilla in the belly. I’ve practiced. I’ve gone over my work. I know my story. I love my characters.

But I tend to ramble when nervous. And face to face interaction with a stranger=nervous for me.

I am not sure how many agents/editors I will have the opportunity to pitch to, but I hope I do my story justice. I guess it is better to talk than to freeze up. I just have to pretend this is a job interview. I am good at interviewing, or at least I think that’s why I’ve been hired several times over. 🙂

I’ve read blog posts on dos and don’ts so I should be prepared. I am prepared. I can do this. Wish me luck!

Have you ever been super nervous before a pitch session? How did you deal with it? What are your biggest stumbling blocks?

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4 Responses to Nerves

  1. Gerard says:

    Good luck at the conference. Just go in and do your best…and it will go great. It’s all about the writing so even if you stub your toe on the verbal, your writing will keep you standing.

  2. Meg Spinella says:

    Belief in your work must be fierce! If you aren’t completely devoted to it, why would a stranger sign on for the ride? I believe in you Kourtney. Carry On.

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