Killer Nashville Preparation

I’m heading down to Nashville on Thursday for the Killer Nashville conference. First trip to Nashville. I have Thursday to do a little sight seeing before the the conference begins on Friday. Any recommendations of place to see or do?

So far I’m planning on hitting the Cocoa Tree for chocolate, seeing the Grand Ole Opry (or at least taking pics of the outside), and maybe going to Jack’s Bar-B-Que. We only have half a day before the conference begins and that’s going to be an all day affair for 2.5 days. Maybe Sunday night we might venture back into Nashville.

So as I make sure all the stuff has been sent in for the critiques and print out copies of my query and synopsis, I’m getting that nervous feeling. Because this is the first conference I’m expected to pitch at. And I’m so hit or miss verbally. Somedays I rock and others not so good. I’m going to practice on my friend tomorrow.

Fingers crossed this will go well!

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4 Responses to Killer Nashville Preparation

  1. Gerard says:

    Good luck at the conference. and enjoy Nashville!

  2. berry says:

    Good luck. Book sounds great. Pretend you are on stage acting. It could be an Oscar winning performance. You can do it. Let us know. Be upbeat and positive.

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