Summer Days

So after a rather stressful few months, I kinda mellowed out the past few days. I think it has something to do with swimming in the ocean, but that’s me. Anyway, we came back from Newport and I’ve been a lamb. Well, as close to one as I get anyway. So more like a calm tiger.

We walked from Wall Street to K-Town yesterday on a perfect summer day. Meandering through Soho, picking up shower gel at Sabon, cream at Agent Provocateur, and jeans at Lucky. Then we made our way to Jacques Torres. OL is a chocaholic too. So we indulged. He had a wicked hot chocolate and I had the classic cold chocolate. Then we bought a box of chocolates for later…

Then we walked into Chelsea Market and I grabbed a vanilla milkshake at the Ronybrook farms milk bar. Deeelicious after a long walk. And the restrooms were clean in the market too.

We made our way to K-Town for bimbim bop and bulgogi at Kum Gang San. It’s my fav place for Korean. Been going there since 2000. So many memories of dinners with dear friends there.

Then we came home via the 2/3 in Penn Station to watch Trueblood.

Today we did the Central Park Zoo.

These pics are all via my awesome new camera fab zoom. I was way far from all the animals. 🙂

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2 Responses to Summer Days

  1. Emma says:

    Again, great pictures! Central Park Zoo looks very nice; my son loves monkeys and they seem to have quite a few different species. Maybe I get to take them there in one or two years when he’s older.

    • The Central Park Zoo is so nice especially if you want to take your time walking around. The bronx zoo is just too big for little kids. I hope you can bring him there and enjoy it!

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