Why European Men Can Work a Handbag

Think about how many times you see some dejected guy trudging along carrying his girl’s handbag. They do the walk of shame without realizing it. But they feel ridiculous and they reek of ridiculous. I can remember as a kid seeing a husband walk around the mall with his wife carrying her bags and her handbag. He looked so uncomfortable and out of place. Fast forward to midtown Manhattan circa 2010. You see guys carrying their girlfriend’s ginormous handbags and you cringe inside.

Why can’t American men embrace the handbag? I’m not sure. But I’ve seen my Austrian friend work a handbag like nobody’s business. Why? He knows it could be silly so he goes with it and gives into the silliness. And with my polka dot print purse with the giant deer head–it’s pretty hard not to giggle at the purse. Maybe it’s that innate confidence that Europeans seem to have, after possessing a continent for millennium. But he works it. I’m almost jealous of how well.

Now I don’t mean to begrudge American men, but I’ve never seen a straight one work a purse before. Sure our gays rock handbags. But what about the straight American man–why is he so uncomfortable with the purse?

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4 Responses to Why European Men Can Work a Handbag

  1. berry says:

    Because they are real men or so they think. I don’t carry a purse. My choice. Do your own thing. That’s what I say.

    • LOL. I wouldn’t say American men aren’t real men, but maybe Europeans are more comfortable with their sexuality and confident that doing x or y doesn’t make them less of a man.

  2. Emma says:

    Great post, I think I’ll have to show it to my husband. He is one of those men who get embarrased to hold a purse for even 10 seconds (i.e., when I ask him to hold mine because I forgot something in the car and need to go back and get it). Now to all you Amercian men out there: embrace the European in you and get more confident about holding your girlfriends’ and wives’ handbags, it really is not that big a deal!

    • It struck me as funny to see someone be so at ease with it, when most men cringe from the handbag. But I think it comes from an inner confidence. He also wears clamdiggers. I call him soccer mom, but he assures me they are acceptable for men in Europe. 😉

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