The Rule of Right

Why is the rule of right so fucking hard to follow? Especially in large crowded cities or own trafficky highways. I mean the concept is so simple. Stay to the right. Allow others to pass on left or those going in the opposite direction to pass. Yet, at rush hour people insist on filling the entire stairwell–4 to 5 abreast and walking in one direction so that anyone wishing to go in the other direction has to commit to knocking them down or waiting. It’s selfish and self absorbed beyond belief. Of course, I fall into the knock them down camp. If you can’t show me the most basic of courtesy then I will reciprocate.

Now let me get to highways. When the slow moving trucks block the fast lane on a 2 or 3 lane highway–it’s selfish and inconsiderate. It causes traffic jams and accidents. It’s basic courtesy but again that goes out the window because Mr. or Ms. Truck Driver is so freaking important, everyone else can wait. And fundamentally that’s what irks me. We are a country of celebutards who all think we are so freaking important the rules don’t apply to us.

Guess what? You aren’t that important. No one is. As a good friend of mine once said, “No one shits gold.” So get off your high horse. Stay to the right, recognize there are other people in this world beside you who have an equal right to walk or pass.

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2 Responses to The Rule of Right

  1. berry says:

    Wow. Bad day huh. I get used to driving or walking with idiots. Got fo be careful roD rage. People nowDays are nuts. Walk softly and carry a big stick.

    • It’s the constant expectation that I get out of their way when they are not the least bit concerned with getting out of my way. I blame the celebrity obsessed culture. Everyone wants to be so important and believes they are. Sometimes it just irks me. 🙂

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