Russian Tea Room or Why Restaurant Week Rocks

There are certain quintessential New York experiences that make all the others almost bearable. Fine dining, musicals, and performances are at the top of my list. So restaurant week in NYC has been going on this week. Tonight was dinner at the Russian Tea Room. This is by far one of my favorite old school New York restaurants. So many memories for me too. I had my first big New York dinner here at 12 with my best friend’s family. Then at 22 I brought him here with my parents for Thanksgiving. At 30 I brought grandma here for Easter.

Tonight, my Austrian ally got to experience the Russian Tea Room. I started with a  chocotini. Delicious. Then I had the borscht (sour and savory at the same time) and the beef stroganoff (a symphony for the palate). He had the salad and the salmon. I finished with black tea with cherry preserves and a chocolate mousse pyramid filled with raspberry yumminess. It was delicious squared. The waiter was fabulous–attentive and friendly. Our water glasses never went below 1/4 full the entire night. We had a leisurely dinner from 7-8:45.

There’s something wonderful about being in a booth and having space to sit apart or as close as you want to. We really enjoyed dressing up and going out. Even if it was a sauna outside. The only minor glitch was when I forgot the N ran express after Canal and we went out to Brooklyn. Oopsy. But great view of the city.

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6 Responses to Russian Tea Room or Why Restaurant Week Rocks

  1. Rivka says:

    I loved our annual Delmonico dinner. Miss you!

  2. berry says:

    I love that place. The ambiance is fab. The food delicious. My memories there unforgettable. You wrote such a nice review. Russian tea room thanks you.

    • I know lots of people loved Tavern on the Green, but for me Russian Tea Room is and always was the quintessential NYC restaurant. Decor, service, and food are all excellent. Tavern had great decor but bad services and horrible food.

  3. Emma says:

    That sounds like a very nice restaurant and look at the picture—gorgeous! I wish my husband would take me to a restaurant like that. We used to go out and have romantic dinners quite regularly before our son was born, but nowadays we simply don’t have the time to do that anymore. Reading your post made me realize how much I miss it, though. Maybe I should talk to my husband, it’s been a while since we went out for dinner and it shouldn’t be that hard to get a baby sitter for at least one night 🙂

    • It was delicious! Life can get in the way at times. You have to make time to work out, to eat right, to sleep. Sometimes I feel like all I do is complete a list of tasks. So add it to your list to have a date night in August. One night for the two of you. I’m sure he misses the time together as much as you do. 🙂

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?