Into the Forest of Querying

So after months of slaving over my query letter in response to amazing feedback from agents, authors, and friends, I sent out my first query today! I keep a spreadsheet of all the queries sent and the responses. I sent out about 14 in November/December 2009. I did not get one request for a partial, which meant the query needed work. I ended up doing 4 major overhauls of the novel and a dozen rewrites on the query. I thought the query was ready in May. WRONG. I thought it was ready in June. Nope. But by July, I stopped reworking it. I was happy with it.

But the next step was like jumping off a cliff. I was petrified of it not being good enough and ruining my chances with an agent. But then I realized, it was as good as I could make it. I was proud of it. And damn it, I was going to send it out. So I went to the pile of research I collected on agents who represent YA and mystery/paranormal. I pulled one of the names out of the pile. I spent 2 hours researching the agent. Reading whatever I could find on her. Then I set to work on tweaking my query to her requirements.

Then I pasted it into an email and…reread it. Finally after 3 rereads, I was certain. This baby was ready to fly out of the nest. I sent my first query out in 2010. I leapt off the cliff. And I wasn’t stopping there. No. I resolved to send another query tomorrow. I’d like to send at least 3 a week. That’s my goal right now. Two more to go.

I have no idea what will happen, but I know that if I don’t try I can’t succeed. And for my characters, for this story, for myself, I have to keep trying.

Anyone else sending out queries? How are you dealing with the anxiety before and after sending?

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2 Responses to Into the Forest of Querying

  1. Emma says:

    Well, I’m still far away from sending out queries. I think neither my writing nor I are ready to take that step. Fingers crossed you’ll get a positive response, I really think that you deserve that chance!

    • Thanks so much! Well my writing friend took a look at it and of course she found a couple typos. Dying of embarrassment. I read it a million times. But that was the problem. After a million times, I cannot catch my own errors anymore. But at least she caught them before I sent out more than 3 queries.

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