Lost Dog, Reunions, Shopping, and Hibachi

My July 4th weekend started off with lunch at a Hibachi restaurant called Noble…wait for it…in the same plaza as Walmart. Surreal but this is CT. Besides, my closest friend from elementary school and I are lunching together so this is guaranteed fun. Noble, btw, is a tasty Hibachi place. Think Benihana’s if you were into that in the 90s.

Anyway, the guy cooking for us is super nice and funny. He tries to get my friend Lin to catch pieces of chicken in her mouth. This doesn’t work so he asks me to. Problem is I never could catch a ball in school–hand eye coordination is really bad. How bad? The chicken goes down my shirt and the girls happen to catch it! Great meal, caught up with a dear friend, and learned not to try to catch food in my mouth.

The next day, I did some shopping with my mom and Susie her bff. We head to the Outlets and find…very little. End up at Homegoods and Marshalls and buy tons of cute stuff. We love you Old Saybrook! We laugh all day despite the heat. Girls day out turns into night out and we roll in at 11PM.

My parents were back to work on Tuesday and I was meeting up with a friend from high school. Then my mom calls with a simple request: Take the dogs out to pee. Except she has 3 full-grown golden retrievers ranging from 7 to 1.5 years old. And I have Emerson who has to tag along. And it’s 98 degrees outside. But I say sure. I let the dogs out. The eldest, “Old Yeller” decides she wants to stay in front yard, while the other two trot off to the backyard. I keep the young uns in my sight and my dog.

Did I mention I’m also carrying a parasol for sun protection? Yeah, so my attention is pretty much split as much as it can be. The baby wants to play catch and doesn’t seem to notice the heat. The Wailer sits down to eat the grass. Great. Finally, I manage to get the Wailer to pee. Emers is pissed about being outside in the heat and after 10 minutes the girls are ready to go in. I return to the front yard and Old Yeller has gone missing. Oh shit. How am I going to explain losing a dog to mom? So I scream for Old Yeller and circle the yard twice in extreme heat.

Then I send the three dogs I have inside. Figure I don’t want to lose them while I look for the straggler. I now realize how easy it is to misplace a kid when you have 4-5 of them. Yeash. Finally, she comes out of the wood and I bring her inside. Then I have lunch with an old high school friend who I hadn’t seen in 16 years. K is doing well and has 2 kids. Wow, time flies.

All in all, a good weekend, packed full of moments worth remembering. 🙂

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4 Responses to Lost Dog, Reunions, Shopping, and Hibachi

  1. Gerard says:

    Great looking golden retriever. Which one is that, the baby, the Wailer, or Old Yeller? Do they all get along with your dog? Quite a household of pups when you all get together!

    • It’s not the baby or the Wailer. I think it’s Old Yeller when she was younger–now her face is all white. Just like my dad she went prematurely gray. ;P It’s quite a household when the 3 humans get together. You throw the dogs in and it’s a sitcom waiting to happen.

  2. berry says:

    Beautiful dog. You are so lucky to be going home. Your home sounds like there is lots of love and fun and never a dull moment. Wish my weekend was as good as yours. You should get lots of inspiration while Home and lots of rest too.

    • My parents are pretty young too so they can keep up with me. We have a good time together. It will be funny to see me living back there because I’m a bit of a packrat (so is my dad) and my mom is super clean.

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