July 4

I’ve spent July 4 with friends, with family, in foreign countries, in NYC, at the beach, etc. It’s funny how holidays become so significant in memory. July 4 and October 31 are two of my favorites. They are fun holidays without the pressure of gifts. Almost like holidays without expectations as opposed to Christmas and New Years, which always feel like make it or break it holidays. Like if the day doesn’t go as planned, something major is lost.

I’ve shared July 4 with lots of people I’ve cared about over the years. Josh, Carina and Anju in 1998–Beijing, Linds in high school and college, Ant at the beach. Emerson–who’s been around for the last 6 July 4ths.

This past July 4 was with family. Catching up with my grandma. Making smores with my aunt using ginormous marshmallows. Whipping up strawberry shortcakes with my mom. A great way to pass the day. Being grateful for what I have in my life.

The day is so tangible, it’s like cracking open a page in a photo album and boom you’re back in that moment again. I guess I’d like to say thanks to everyone who made July 4 special for me over the years.

What did you do for July 4th? Did you enjoy the day?

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4 Responses to July 4

  1. berry says:

    I spent July 4 being ridiculed and harassed. Some people are just mean. My daughter made it memorable as only she can do. I love my little girl so much. She inspires me. She is one awesome chick. Kudos to her.

  2. Emma says:

    I spent July 4 with my family. We had a little barbecue at our place–my brother and his family were visiting. I really enjoyed seeing them again and talking about some funny stories from when we were young. It’s funny that you mentioned smores, they are one of my son’s favorites and of course they were an important part of our afternoon, too 🙂

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?