Hello July 4 Holiday!

Ah summertime! I love summer vacation. I miss it when I have a job. I mean after 22 years of having the summer off, it’s pretty freaking cruel to only allot 15 vacation days a year to people. Working stinks. School rocks! So now that I have a summer vacay again. I’m thinking should I streak my hair blue? I love being free to fly my freak flag and not fit in. But that’s been done. Hmm. Maybe I’ll work out and get in super great beach shape? I like that idea.

Okay, so as you can guess, I’m kinda in a silly mood. I’m in CT for a few days with the family. Seeing old friends too. I really needed a break after the past few weeks. So what are you doing to celebrate the 4th? I think we’re having a family picnic.

I’m glad to have a few days away from the city. I’ve been kinda hmmm angry lately. A change of scenery will do me a world of good.

Hope everyone has a great July 4th! 🙂

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2 Responses to Hello July 4 Holiday!

  1. berry says:

    Go for it. Streak your hair. Sing a song. Do whatever you want. You are free at last or at least for the summer. Me not so much. Two jobs three dogs and one cranky man means no fun.

    • I was thinking I might just keep my hair the same and work out and get in really good shape. I want to change the exterior and a body makeover would be much better than a hair change. 🙂 I got one very horny shih tzu who keeps mounting my leg all day. I’d rather have a cranky man. LOL.

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