Embarrassed by Automatic Flush Toilets

My office has automatic flush toilets. I pee roughly 7-8 times a day there. Then I come home to my manual flush toilet and use it 2-5 times. Sometimes, I got to the movies and it’s hit or miss as to whether there is an auto flush or manual flush. Most restaurants are manual but not always.

The problem is, I get conditioned by the auto flush toilets at work. Then I am around manual flush toilets and guess what?  I forget to flush. Of course, by the time my brain remembers it’s not an auto flush, someone else is in the bathroom. Hence my embarrassment. I know how to use a toilet properly, but when there are two completely different methods of flushing and one is more common, I go on auto pilot and assume it’s an auto flush. But the person in there must be thinking, what the hell is wrong with this girl was she raised out in the wild? How come she didn’t flush? I want to scream out, because I forgot to check to see if it was an auto flush or not.

My point is: I like consistency. One way to flush the toilet. Either auto or manual. Otherwise, it’s like using the metric system and the U.S. system of inches and pounds. It just muddies the waters. And then there are some public restrooms using auto flush and some not. Look, it’s a public restroom–I want in and out as fast as humanly possible. So don’t make me have to use my foot to press the lever. Convert to auto flush. Don’t half ass it.

Which do you prefer? Have you ever been embarrassed by an auto flush toilet?

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8 Responses to Embarrassed by Automatic Flush Toilets

  1. Gerard says:

    Very interesting perspective. I find myself doing the same while at places that have both types. I get confused, and expect auto and walk away only to confront silence and it dawns on me that it was a manual and I have to go back to correct my mistake. I’m wondering if I can use that excuse when I’m home, where sometimes I actually forget to flush, and my wife so eloquently reminds me that I truly am Neanderthal Man.

  2. berry says:

    I think auto flush is good and bad. The flush that kicks back up and splashes is gross. You have to be quick so the dirty water does not get you where you don’t want it. But not having to touch dirty handle is a plus.

  3. Lucas says:

    I have to admit – sometimes I forget to flush also (and I dont have the excuse of being conditioned to auto-flush). One time I forgot to flush and it was after a particularly messy stool deposit. My poor sister was visiting and had a shock to her senses when she entered the loo. I think the problem was I had Indian food the night before and that tends to put my intestines in knots.

  4. Emma says:

    Well, as numerous comments show, you are not the only one with this problem. And let me tell you this: You are in good company 🙂
    I have to admit that it happened to me, too. Not because I’m conditioned to auto flush toilets, but because I hate public bathrooms and try to avoid them as far as possible. However, when I do have to use them it’s always in and out as quickly as possible (which once included not hitting the flush button). Maybe we should go by the Austrian example and either only have auto flush toilets or big flush buttons that remind you to actually use them? 🙂

    • It struck me one day as something we should discuss. 🙂 I hear you on the hating public bathrooms. Ick factor 9. Big buttons are a good idea. Shall we start a petition? ;P I hate thinking someone has flushed with their dirty shoe and then my hand touching it. Yuck. And sometimes I can’t get the high kick to hit the lever.

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