Anger As Fuel For Your Writing

Have you ever had to deal with absolute jerks and felt your neck muscles locking up? That was yesterday. I have a lot going on-planning a move, novel writing, doctor appointments, physical therapy, MRI, blogging, preparing for conferences, sending in proposals for auctions I won, doing my chores, taking care of the dog, etc. I don’t ask for anyone to make it easier.

But please don’t make it harder on me right now. Unfortunately, no one seems to have gotten the memo. So people keep coming at me with shit. Right now, I have about 10 ongoing projects to deal with each day. Toss a few more in and I’ll start dropping balls. There’s just so much I can handle with my own two hands. Multi-tasking is fine with a few tasks, but the more tasks you have the less attention each gets.

I feel like the picture above. I’m surveying the land and I know if I make it through all those sand dunes, the ocean is there. But I know that making it through the sand dunes is almost impossible. And I freeze up. Suddenly, it’s all too much. I’m completely overwhelmed by my own life.

My neck tightens up and I end up getting a migraine. Great. Another impediment to accomplishing my tasks. I lay down and try not to think about what’s getting to me. Of course, all I do is think about it. Finally, I go do my neck stretches. It helps a little. Then I sit down at my computer with my Mac Dictate software and draft some new scenes for the story. 3000 words later, I’m exhausted. Still feeling ill, but at least I got something done.

Do you find anger is fuel for your writing? Or does it exhaust you and leave nothing for the writing?

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