Secondhand Spirits–a review

I just finished the novel, Secondhand Spirits, by Juliet Blackwell, which is described as a witchcraft mystery.  It was a fun read with a great twist ending involving murder and a missing child.

The protagonist, Lily Ivory, has been an outsider her whole life. She moves to San Fran, hoping to lay down roots. But old habits die-hard and self-doubt rears its ugly head.  By the end of the book, the author leaves you wanting to know more about Lily and the two men in her life, Max and Aidan.  I can’t wait to read the second book in the series.

The first two pages immediately drew me  in.  Actually, from the first line–witches recognize their own– the story hooked me. Several times, I nearly missed my subway stop because of this book–definitely  a good sign.

The setting of San Fran worked well. Having visited a few times, I could picture places that Lily went. It also is a great place for Lily to explore who she is–just perfect!

The main plot and subplots wove together so well, you didn’t even notice them. As a reader, I found myself wondering what next and not being able to guess.  I really enjoyed going along for the ride and having no idea where we would end up. Made me finish the last 50 pages tonight.

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  1. berry says:

    You sure do read a lot. Where do you find the time. You are writing two novels work a full time job and take care of a household. You are superwoman. Wow. Love the review you did on book. Maybe you should be a book critic. You have a natural talent.


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