Do You Tui-na?

I was skimming through Time Out New York for an inexpensive massage in the city. Luckily, as a mild horder, I kept the “spa issue” from the winter. And lo and behold there is a 60$ 60 minute massage at Asia Tui-na Wholeness Center. (Just a little background…Tui-na is Chinese for push-pull. It’s a type of massage that focuses on doing just that to open up energy blockages and relieve pain)

So I head uptown on Saturday for my massage. As usual, I am early. So I wander into Madison Square Park and read a few pages of my book. Finally, I decide, it’s too hot and I’d rather wait in air conditioning. I finish my walk to 28th street. I end up in my old neighborhood. 28th and Park Ave South. Ah good times. Back in 2000-2002. Feels like another lifetime now.

The massage was painful, but amazing. I stripped down to just my panties and got on the table face down with a blanket over me. Luckily, I read the online review, because the woman doing my massage, literally, climbed up and sat on me to get leverage. She found about 6-7 muscle knots around my right shoulder-blade that seem to be causing a lot of my right hand problems. She pushed and pulled. Used her knuckles and elbows. Most of the time, it hurt, but when it was over…well I still hurt.

I felt woozy–same as I do after acupuncture. I went home and took a 2 hour nap. Today I feel a lot better. I think I will go back a few times and try to work out all these knots.

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2 Responses to Do You Tui-na?

  1. berry says:

    I do like massages. Strange hands on my body not happening. Rather work out at home. But its a good price. I teach at a school for massage therapy. I could get one for ten dollars. Choose not to. Thanks for sharing.

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