A Brand New You

I am currently reading  Secondhand Spirits by  Juliet Blackwell.  Her protagonist runs a vintage clothes shop  and is a witch.  It’s a fun read so far. It has an amazing line about how changing clothes is a magical experience. I totally agree with her. When I slip into a silk dress, I feel a different side of myself emerging. I’m more flirty and fun. When  I throw on my jeans and tank tops, I  tend to act like I’m still in college.  Throw me in a suit, and I’m corporate Kour.

After my workout tonight, I took a nice bath and slid into my satin bathrobe.  I puttered around the kitchen throwing  the  asparagus into the pot to boil,  but feeling way more gorgeous than I ever felt in my gym clothes. Now I’m sitting here in a baby doll top and gauchos  hovering between relaxed and work mode.

I remember back in college, my bff  and I would spend hours laying out my clothes for the week coordinating accessories, shoes, and handbags. We  even coordinated my nail polish. Each day felt so full of possibilities. I had to be dressed to meet them.  Nowadays, I  throw on  a T-shirt and jeans or a tank top and jeans, grab my hoodie,  and  go.  I pretty much put 10 to 15 minutes max into my outfits.

Unless I’m doing something fun.  Then I like to play with my closet.  The cool thing about having more time on your hands is  you get to think about these things.

Like why did I stop putting effort in? Honest answer: I gained weight after my spine surgery and it’s been a struggle to take it off.  Not because I don’t work out, I do. But because I’m an emotional eater. Every time I’m stressed or hurt or upset I use sweets to make me feel better.  I tried this experiment in April and May, where every time I would reach for food, I worked on the novels. That went really well and I lost 10  pounds… until I pinched a nerve  in my neck from all the typing.  Now I’m working on moderation in typing and eating and exercising… let’s see how this goes.   🙂

How much time do you spend picking out your outfit?  When was the last time you went all out to put together the perfect outfit?

PS–I   know I missed a blog post on Tuesday,  so there will be a Saturday blog this week to  make up for it!

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2 Responses to A Brand New You

  1. berry says:

    Just don’t care. I don’t put much time into it anymore. Commute time limits me greatly. Just enough time to shower. No makeup. Jeans and shirts. Nothing fancy. The older you get the less you care. Trust me. Who cares. I could sleep on my clothes and wake up and go out.

    • Fair enough. I go through phases where I don’t care–especially when it’s work clothes. I just can’t express my individuality there. It’s almost like throwing on a uniform. But what about weekends? Don’t you ever put little effort into user going out for a nice night on the town?

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?