This weekend I had a staycation. I wanted to take a mini vacation and go visit the parents in CT, but my neck decided otherwise. I figured the best way to relax the muscle spasms was a staycation. So I camped out in my apartment all weekend. I watched season 2&3 of Dallas on dvd. I ordered food in. I slept 13-14 hours each day. I cuddled with the dog. It was amazing to do pretty much nothing.

Of course, I slipped in 15 minutes of vacuuming and 7 hours of paper edits for my novel. Hey the conference feedback had to be worked on or it would just keep rolling around in my head. Anyway, overall it was a do nothing weekend. Very little got accomplished from my mile long to do list. But guess what? The sky didn’t fall in. No one died. It was okay to let myself slack off a bit. I’m going to try to be a little easier on myself for a couple weeks. I was pushing way too hard for the past couple months. Now I need a breather.

I’m still drafting one novel and editing the other one, but my online class wraps up this week. And I promise to not take another one. I’m going to try to give me more down time. I think that is what the neck and hand pain are demanding. And I’m going to order that dragon speak software so my hands aren’t forced to type in pain.

What do you do/not do  on your staycations?

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4 Responses to Staycation

  1. Gerard says:

    Sometimes you need to decompress and let the world go by as you recharge. Seems like it worked for you. Now and then the mind and body need a break to clear the clutter and stress that build up while we are pushing ahead with life.

    If you have some problems with your hands, there are a few streching exercises that I found helpful to alleviate the bi-lateral carpal tunnel I have. There are some good web pages on line that helped. The Dragon Speak is a good program that will allow some rest to the hands and arms. Watch out for the elbows too. The nerves that pass through the elbow need to be streched too.

    • Thanks for the tips Gerard! I’ll check thst out. We aren’t sure where the nerves are entrapped but they are entrapped. My entire right arm is prickly today. ugh. Typing one handed sure is tiring.

  2. berry says:

    I try and do all the things I can’t all week long. Work out and wash windows. Fun stuff for me. I do like to play with my dogs and find it relaxing. Animals are full of love and calm me down. So staying in and doing things I can’t get to all week is my staycation. Wish I could write books like you. But I can’t so I’ll just read yours instead. Have a nice day.

    • Usually I do that too. But every once in a while, it’s good to do nothing, or the bare minimum. Try writing a short story. It’s not as intimidating as a novel. 🙂 Have a good day!

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