Did you ever start questioning things in your life? You can’t really figure out what set it off, but suddenly you’re wondering if your making good decisions, if you’re on the right path, and if you are really happy. Yes, it’s self-doubt rearing its ugly head again. She’s the voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough or you’ll never get it right.

I hate that voice. But sometimes I find myself listening to her. Lately, I’ve been wondering what I’m doing with my life. Yeah, I know deep question. I love writing, but it seems to be taking over my life. And not necessarily in a good way. I use it to escape my thoughts. If I am busy enough, I don’t have to think about other things.

But then my neck started acting up and typing became difficult. So writing has been curtailed. My favorite distraction isn’t there anymore. And I start asking those philosophical questions that tie you up in knots but never lead anywhere.

I think it’s normal to doubt yourself and your abilities. Otherwise, you’d have no room to grow. I mean if you decide your aces, what would you have to work on? Nada. So even though I hate having self-doubts, eventually they lead somewhere useful. For now they’re just a yucky thing I have to deal with.

Do you ever have self-doubt? How do you overcome it?

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10 Responses to Self-Doubt

  1. textwanderer says:

    I get self doubt usually when I am least expecting it or when I absolutely nothing to keep me busy.
    It can be pretty annoying because I start questioning myself on things that I usually feel most sure about.

    To overcome it I try talking to my best friend and he helps me to return to my senses. But sometimes if I can’t do that I sit down and write out a list of things I am confident in and why. Then I move on to the stuff I’m not so sure about and kinda hack away at it little by little till I get my mind straight again.

    If your neck is acting up find a friend to give you a good massage ^_^ that is always helpful. If the ache is really bad you should definitely go see a chiropractor they do wonders. Plus, if you get a good adjustment more oxygen will get to your brain and your mind will feel clearer.

    good luck!

    • It tends to sneak up on me too. A few things happen and domino effect. Suddenly I’m in doubtville. My bff tried to help, but I was just really bummed out yesterday. Luckily my dad said the right thing and things turned around today. I felt way better. 🙂 I am seeing a physical therapist for my neck. Probably be a couple weeks and then it will be back to normal. I think being in pain for 2 weeks definitely wore me down too. Thanks!

  2. Gerard says:

    Self doubt can serve a useful role as you mentioned. It can make us strive to be better, to analyze what we are doing, who we are, and how we can improve. But it should only be a tool for improvement, not a dream killer or a snuff on our goals. I think anyone who is involved in the creative fields like writing, painting, sculpting, acting or music, deal with self doubt, even when they break through and make it big. I guess the key is to deal with it as we deal with anything else, and then keep pushing ahead.

    • Well said! I think I needed to wallow a bit and then pick myself up and move along. Sometimes just being busy (had to get up early for a work related conference) helps. It distracted me and suddenly things fell into perspective again. 🙂

  3. berry says:

    I doubt myself every day. And that is not good. The work you do and your writing is amazing. You have a talent not yet recognized. Stop the doubt. Embrace the gifts you have and be proud.

    • Thank you so much! That is very nice of you to say. Most of the time I am pretty confident, but sometimes doubt creeps in. But I’m okay now. Back on an even keel. 🙂

  4. berry says:

    Love the pics.

  5. Meg Spinella says:

    Think “introspection” – those that don’t do it are like pinballs just reactively bouncing off external reality! Introspection is related to Contemplation. When my website (Noah’s Ark, A Safe Place in a Storm) gets up and running, I’ll have a bibliography on Contemplation, as well as other topics. Meanwhile, take time to get out in nature (I recommend the Highline, among other NYC spaces) and do your contemplation there. Keep it up Kourtney – Onward with the writing life!

    • Thanks Meg! I guess the doubt forced me to do some introspection and figure things out. Weirdly enough, sitting at a work conference today things started to make sense again and I felt better. Maybe because I broke out of my normal routine. 🙂

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