Have you ever noticed how your body has a way of telling you when you’ve taken on too much? For me, I tend to get sick or have an old injury suddenly flare up. The past few days have been very stressful. And suddenly the dormant muscle knot in my neck is acting up. It traps nerves and makes my right hand pretty useless. Not cool.

Especially when I have a mega writing conference starting Thursday. So I slept most of the day. Took some anti imflams and other meds and wait for them to work their magic. I do some light stretching and I avoid everything that could worsen my neck. Which means less typing, no sleeping on my side or stomach. No dancing. No weights. Just waiting.

And I always get the twinge warnings before it acts up. Kinda like the aura before the headache. But I never stop to listen. It’s like when your mom says don’t touch that, it’s too hot and you ignore her and touch it anyways.

What about you? Do you find your body has ways to let you know when its had enough and needs a break? Or are you able to stop and listen to the warning bells before something goes wrong?

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2 Responses to Stress

  1. Emma says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel well. I really hope that you’re better soon!

    Well, I think everybody has their own strategies for coping with stress. For me, when I’m under a lot of pressure, I just barely function. Navigating from one task to another until I finally checked everything off my list. I try to set small goals and deadlines, but there’s no fixed plan because when I plan everything in too much detail that never really works and that frustrates me—which make it even worse getting through it. Fortunately, my body knows that when I’m under a lot of stress I can’t afford to be sick, so basically my body waits til most of the stress is over til I get really sick. Although there are some warning signs and smaller setbacks with my health, I only get sick when the stress is over. Anyways, enough babbling, I really hope you’re doing better 🙂

    • Thanks Emma!
      The doctor thinks I have carpal tunnel in my right hand and a pinched nerve in my neck, but I’m doing physical therapy and avoiding typing so hopefully this will get better soon. I’m a huge planner, but when the stress gets really bad I throw the list away and veg in front of the TV. you are lucky that your body at least is considerate enough to wait into your finished with things before you get sick. hope you’re doing well.

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