The Road Not Traveled…until now

I recently took the plunge and joined Facebook. I was skeptical at first. I hate unfamiliar things. But I tried it out and I have to admit…I think it’s a great tool. You get to build a base of contacts and keep in touch and updated on what is happening with them. I log in throughout the day for 2-10 minutes (and try not to get sucked into any of the games).  As far as social networking goes, I’m starting to like it.

On a personal level, it helps me reach out to people I lost touch with (being that we met before the internet existed) and I like hearing about where my friend from 2nd grade is living and seeing her kids. I also get to find groups for all my interests. I don’t mean to gush but this is pretty cool.

I was an uber slow convert. I did the Friendster thing. I did My Space. I was a hold out on Facebook. I hate to admit it, but I was being stubborn and I was wrong.

After a few weeks, I have a routine down and I get updates on lots of writing related stuff. I find out about new book release parties, signed autograph giveaways. Events at different places are listed. I also keep up to date on writers I’ve met at conferences. And I can follow blogs there too.

Where will Facebook take me? I’m not sure, but I’m on a road and the view is pretty nice, so I’ll keep driving.

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2 Responses to The Road Not Traveled…until now

  1. Emma says:

    Facebook can be a quite useful tool, but I somehow still prefer writing emails for my part. I know that this is kind of “old-fashioned” (which is almost funny given the fact that emails are not that old actually) but the thing is that I have a lot going on with my family and I simply don’t have the time for it. I mean with an email you can take your time and reply after a few days but when it comes to Facebook I kind of get the impression that people want a much quicker response. Take my husband for instance, he’s a real Facebook fan and whenever he’s waiting for one of his friends’ or colleagues’ email he “pokes” them on Facebook or leaves them “a message on the wall” or whatever it’s called. I’m just saying that a few decades ago we we were comfortable knowing that a response to a letter would take several weeks whereas nowadays we all want (and expect) an almost instant reply. Of course, technical inventions have made our lives a lot easier (and I sure don’t want to miss them!) but at the same time they can also make life harder in some sort of way.
    LOL, oh my god, I just sounded way more technophobic than I intended but anyways, I’ll stick to it. Maybe it’s just because I’m a slow adapter of new things 🙂

    • I think technology also makes things more complicated in terms of expectations. Me, I hate talking on the phone so calling me is the worst way to get a quick response. Texts are short and I can get back quickly. Emails usually are pretty fast too. But everyone is different. So you still have to know the person to get what their expectations are on all the different forms of communication. I pretty much try to reciprocate. If someone is fast with replying to me, I try to extend the same courtesy. If they are slow, I make sure my response time matches theirs. That way there is no pressure to respond on either side. 🙂

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