Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Last week I was hit with a horrible can’t swallow without wanting to scream sore throat. It was followed by a flood of mucus in my head, the inability to think clearly and a bloody nose.

Then my dog had diarrhea and I stepped in it with my socks on. I ripped the sock off and my mom’s dog grabbed it in her mouth and refused to relinquish it. Then later in the day (after I’d showered), I stepped in my dog’s pooh again barefoot.

I got the mail on Monday and my Killer Nashville submission was returned to me because I stupidly sent it with signature required via Express Mail. This happened to a few submissions and because of the floods, the contest submission deadline was extended.

I go to the post office this AM to re-mail the submission and the line is 20 people long with 3 windows open. Even the  automated postal machines have a line. And the guy in front of me is buying a 44 cent stamp. This takes literally 5 minutes. Is it murder when someone is causing massive lines because of their stupidity? I’m not so sure anymore. Might be performing a civic duty at this point.

At work, I have a horrible coughing fit in my boss’ office during our meeting. My eyes tear up and I have to go grab water because the coughing won’t stop.

I think I need a break. Or to wear shoes all the time. Not sure which.

Tell me about your bad days or  even a series of unfortunate incidents. What was the straw that broke your camels back? What are the little things that get to you?

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4 Responses to Is the universe trying to tell me something?

  1. Gerard says:

    A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine who is elderly came over my house when I wasn’t there. He backed up his car to leave when he saw we weren’t home, and accidently went off my driveway into a ditch. He had forgotten his cell phone at home so couldn’t call anyone. He stayed there for about three hours until I came home late at night. Unfortunately, he had also left the car on auxillary power, and the battery died and because of some technical glitches, I couldn’t jump start the car to pull out of the ditch. So I drove him home, and when we got there I saw that he had left his garage doors open and the door to his house from the garage was open too. So I had to search the entire house to make sure no one was there. The next morning, I got up early, fixed the tenchnical issues, charged the battery, got out of the ditch, and then went to pick him up to drive him back to get the car. When I got to his house, he was waiting for me in his driveway… he had gone to the mail box to get the mail and had locked himself out of the house that morning. Ultimately we got everything straightened out, but it was one mistep after another. He’s the greatest guy in the world, but is beginning to realize that his memory is not what it used to be.

    • Okay you got me beat there. Sounds like a tough time for him, but even moreso for you to have to keep cleaning up the messes. Come to think of it, my poor mom had to wipe up the dog pooh on the rug twice and toss out her favorite socks (I was wearing them when I stepped in pooh the first time). 🙂 Maybe the universe was trying to tell her something? 😛

  2. Emma says:

    I really feel for you, Kourtney and Gerard. Seems like you two were having a really tough day. Fortunately, I haven’t had one of those in quite a long time now. Of course there were some minor drawbacks and smaller problems, but nothing compared to what you mentioned. Well, I guess the old saying “It never rains but it pours” is just right, isn’t it?

    • Thanks Emma! Yeah, the rest of the week was calm in comparison. I think you have to have bad days to appreciate the good and even the so-so days. And everything that happens provides fodder for my stories. 😉

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