Scandinavia House for Brunch and Such

On Saturday, I took a break from writing to meet B for brunch at Scandinavia House. They have a lovely prix fixe brunch for $16.95 at Smorgas Chef. The restaurant had a cool birch tree with fake birds in the middle of the room. The food. OMG. We had the 2 eggs baked in a skillet over Ham, Spinach and Tomatoes and covered in Jarlsberg cheese. To drink we both had a lingonberry bellini. It was delightful. We caught up on the happenings of the past couple weeks. Our waiter (Vitally) was an absolute gem putting up with all our questions and requests. A lovely experience!

Then we went and explored the gift shops and

The Heimbold Family Children’s Learning Center

The lady beside me and the lego dude is the lovely  Fran who told us all about Scandinavian children’s stories.

One of the rooms took scenes from different Scandinavian children’s books and brought them to life. It was really beautiful and fun to explore!

Later we swung by the Morgan to see a friend. Finally ending up at Dos Caminos for some much-needed margaritas and guac and chips. They make great guac, but the service could be better.

It was a scorcher in the city!

Wandered near Grand Central and got these shots:

We ended our night watching Kristen Gum’s treasure hunting adventures and deciding we needed to check out the Herkimer diamond mine soon.  Then again we may do a weekend in Maine mining. B and I always get into the weirdest things when we’re together. 🙂

I, of course, ended my night with another hour of work on my synopsis and submitting my first homework assignment for my online class.

PS- All the pics were shot with my new camera. I love it!

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  1. Lucas says:

    Scandinavia House sounds so whimsical. I’ll have to visit if I am ever in New York City.

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