Remember way back in middle school when you learned about levers and pulleys and inclined planes? At the time, nerd that I am, I found it fascinating. Good thing too because it came in super handy last night.

I am a packrat. Trust me this is very important backstory. I save everything. But I have someone staying with me this summer, so I needed to clear space in my apartment. In January, I rented storage space and began the process of cleaning closets, cabinets, and drawers.  I threw out ten bags of garbage. Gave away 2 bags of stuff.

Packed up 20 some odd boxes. Here’s the thing, I packed the boxes until they were full with no thought about how much they weighed. I have a super strong male bff, who can lift anything, and super strong doormen, who can lend a hand.

Another important fact:  I have an artificial disk (long story for another time), so I don’t lift anything over 20 lbs. Ever.

Due to circumstances beyond my control (my bff sadly lost a loved one + I was sick for a bit), the boxes remained in my dining room area for a month. Finally, last night I could take it no longer. I went to ask a doorman for help, but the weakest looking one was on duty. Okay onto plan B. I’d move it myself. But how?

I got a rolling cart and brought it to my front door. Then I pushed the heaviest box on my hands and knees down the hallway. When I got to the rug, HERE’S WHERE LEVERAGE COMES IN. I tilted the box and slid it over the lip of the rug without exerting much force. Then I slide it all the way to the second rug, which I ended up tossing aside because it was at the corner of the hall and I couldn’t get the right leverage without twisting my back, which is an absolute NO-NO.  I got the door open and once again tilted the box so that the front leaned against the cart. Then I slowly pushed it up. (Think inclined plan here).

Phew hardest part done. I grabbed my fake christmas tree with the lights, the box of ornaments and a small box (3 separate trips). Tossed a few other small odds and ends onto the cart. Then I rolled it to the elevator and down to the storage area.

Here’s where things get dicey. There is a ramp down to the storage area and I knew the cart would gain serious momentum. Instead of fighting it, I  went with  it. No stress to my back.

Then I wheeled the cart to my storage area and figured out how to pack the light stuff into my space. As luck would have it, right in the front of my the storage locker was a box on the ground, which meant all I had to do was maneuver the cart to the doorway and slide the box off the cart and onto the other one. Again, no strain for my back.

What’s the point of this story? Besides the whole school did pay off in real life thing? Anything is possible.

I decided something had to  be done. I decided it was possible to do it. I decided I would not injure myself doing it. And I made it so. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment and reminded me that the limits to what we can accomplish are in our minds.  With a little improvising, I was able to move a 50+ lb box.  Something I never thought I could do without hurting myself.

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