First Attempts at Writing

I came across an interesting post on Rachelle Gardner’s blog that got me thinking. Well, first it got me to comment. Then it kept rolling around in my head and finally I decided to blog about it. The gist of it was about someone’s first foray into writing and finding that though the daydreaming was fun, the writing was…well not so fun.

My first reaction: WRITING NOT FUN?! ARE YOU CRAZY?

My second reaction: Thinking back to when I first started…It was really frustrating. I had all these images in my head. My daydreams were better suited for movies than novels. And translating what I imagined into a book format was, well, hellish.

I despaired that I would never be able to do it. But I kept writing, persevering through it. And in the end I had a craptastic draft. But I had a starting point. And with each round of revisions, queries, and rejections, I learned. Painful? Yup. Worth doing? Definitely. Did I think so at the time? Uncertain.

For me, I turned it into a competition. I was always an overachiever. And that made it fun. I was competing to become a better writer. My last draft was my arch-enemy and I had to leave him in the dust. I read other paranormal mysteries to get a feel for it. Kinda like a self-study course. I took a few online courses. I read magazines and blogs on writing.  What is my point? I made writing fun for me. I set it up in a format that didn’t feel like work to me.

How do you feel about writing? What are your secret tricks to make it more fun and less work?

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8 Responses to First Attempts at Writing

  1. berry says:

    I love to write. But never had the determination to finish anything. Started a love story twenty years ago. My daughter reminds me about it every so often. Just can’t get into it. Maybe before I die. But for now I will wait for your books.

  2. Gerard says:

    I do a lot of writing for work. Most of the time it’s pretty dry and a chore to complete. But on occassion there will be a very interesting project that will require a novel approach and I have to admit I love the challenge of the task and the creativity it requires of me. My friend the song writer, who I mentioned before, agonizes over lyrics and it really seems to be chore for him. He doesn’t seem to get any pleasure from it and is immensely relieved when he finishes a song and finds that the lyrics aren’t an embaraasment.

    • Glad to hear you enjoy the challenge of writing. Personally, I agonize over my word choices and sentence structure and I go back and make revisions all the time. I can’t imagine song writing. It sounds so hard with the lyrics and the melody and the beats. Eesh. Just thinking about it makes me feel @_@.

  3. berry says:

    Maybe I’ll try song writing.

  4. berry says:

    I would love to write someday. I feel relaxed and in control when I am the creator, which is great. I think I will do so in a few years. Thanks for inspiration.

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