Cherry Blossoms–Showing Not Telling

After checking to see the sun was out and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens’ website (that I’ve been stalking) indicated it was peak bloom time for the cherry blossoms….

L. and I met up and subwayed out the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens!

Often in writing guides, you hear about showing instead of telling. In honor of this rule, I will not fill today’s blog with long descriptions of what I did. Instead, I am going to show rather than tell you about our adventures!


Lilac Bush


After the tulips, lilacs, azaleas, conifers, and cherry blossoms, we headed to Park Slope for some food.  We ended up at Barrio and had a nice meal. Then we hit the Cacao Bar. Finally after dusk we found our way back to the subway and came home. Another glorious afternoon spent with L.

Yesterday, however, I worked my butt off sketching out plots for a few more books and also editing TCOTRR. I also did laundry. This is, of course, my rationalization for playing hooky today. 🙂

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10 Responses to Cherry Blossoms–Showing Not Telling

  1. Gerard says:

    Wow, beautiful pictures! Seems like a day well spent. Although the wonderful bloom reminds me of the pretty green weeds growing just about everywhere imaginable in my yard and garden beds. Time to do a little yard editing.

  2. berry says:

    You should use in your books. Great pics. Don’t blame you for playing hooky. We all need down time.

  3. Elle says:

    What gorgeous pics! The colours on the blooms are spectacular!

    • We lucked out with the sun peeping through. I was surprised by how well the pictures captured the details. I look at them and feel like I am back in the Botanic Gardens for a second.

  4. Emma says:

    Wow, those pictures are amazing! I immediately showed them to my husband–I wanted to get him to come to the park with me and our son more often, now that the sun is getting stronger. Well, I didn’t notice it at first until my husband pointed it out, but it seems like some sort of supernatural being formed in your waterfall picture. I don’t mean to scare you but both my husband and I can see a face in the waterfall; seems like a child’s face. Maybe it’s just our imagination, but does anyone else here see a face in the water?

    • Thansk! I’ve loved taking pics since I was a little girl. Hope they helped motivate your husband to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather before summer hits! I didn’t notice it when I took the picture, but when I posted the pics I totally saw a white doll head like face and a black shadow face in the waterfall. Kinda creepy. I thought it was just my imagination well. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. Rivka says:

    Amazing pics!

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?