Avenue Q and Tapas

Between my day job, edits, drafting, household chores, taking care of the dog, and exercising, I hardly ever find time to just, well, relax. But Sunday, I scheduled girl time with L. Damn it, we were going to hang out, catch Avenue Q and eat dinner. For once, my day was not going to be  scheduled down to the last minute.

Of course, it started out rocky with the subways running on some incomprehensible schedule. After waiting 10 minutes, I opted for luxury and took a cab to midtown. I got to read the Abbey Cooper mystery novel and see the city. A nice change of pace from my frenetic subway commute to midtown every day. Traffic was good and $15 later and 20 minutes early I arrived at our meeting place: 9th and 50th. Nowhere to sit, so I wandered down 50th looking for a nice stoop. Instead, I stumbled on an outdoor area I hadn’t been to since 2001.

With Hell’s Kitchen the new gay mecca, I felt like I was sashaying down the runway while looking for a place to sit. Hard core people watchers. Most of the plaza was in the sun but I found a spot of shade and continued reading. Ah reading outside, hadn’t done this in a year.  L found me and we immediately got into catch up mode. We hadn’t seen each other in months.  So of course, boy chatter, work chatter, and compliments abounded.

We got into the Theater for Avenue Q and were amazed by the layout. The New World Theaters houses 5 or so different small theaters. Multiple sets of bathrooms and lobbies for each play/musical. It was such a change from the typical huge theater with a 7 stall bathroom for 100s  of women. (I hate public restrooms because women for some reason can’t get in out of their clothes with any level of efficiency–hence the long line) But multiple public restrooms means I can pee and be back before the next half of the show begins.

I immediately hit the ladies’ room and then made a beeline for the souvenirs purchasing a hoodie and t-shirt. L was hesitant to spend money. We decided to go back at intermission. L got the soundtrack and Bad Idea Bear finger puppets.

Avenue Q was awesome! L and I couldn’t stop laughing. From the first song to the last, we were in stitches. “It Sucks to be Me”, “The Internet is For Porn”, and “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” and “You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You’re Makin’ Love)” are just a sampling of why this musical rocked.

For 2+ hours, I forgot about my edits, my chores, my life and was pulled into theirs. Afterwards, I felt relaxed,  so L and I wandered around in search of a restaurant for dinner. We went down 9th and ended up on restaurant row, taking a few flyers and scouting down to 9th and 42nd. Then we decided on tapas. I’d never had them before. I know crazy right? Been to tapas places but usually just for drinks. Don’t know why.

We ended up at Meson Sevilla and had a delicious dinner. Weirdly, the main menu looked Italian (though we were in a Spanish restaurant), so we went with the tapas menu. Cod Croquettes, Ham Croquettes, sausages in red wine, stuffed mushrooms, pollo villaroy, meat empanadas, jamon serrano….and a pitcher of sangria. L kept refilling my glass everytime I wasn’t looking. We ate until stuffed and then tried their crème brûlée. They out did themselves with dinner and had good service, but dessert might be best skipped. It was okay, it just wasn’t worth the extra calories.

I didn’t get any chores done, but it was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Sometimes you need to take time off from all your work and just chill.

I think it helped because this week, I plowed through 2 more chapters of edits and am at 89,880 word count in a book that was at 105,000 words in November. There are still 5 more chapters to edit and then the book is ready. Which means I could get the word count lower. 🙂

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2 Responses to Avenue Q and Tapas

  1. berry says:

    Everyone needs down time. Sounds like it was just what you needed. Avenue q sounds great. The city is such an amazing place. Never had tapas. Sheltered life. Keep editing. Book needs to come out.

    • Thanks Berry. It will be a while before the book come out. Once I have it read to shop around, I then I have to find an agent and then a publisher. But I just posted another excerpt from my novel to tide you over— http://kourtneyheintz.com/index.php?subpage=novels

      Avenue Q is worth a trip into the city. I think every life is a story worth telling whether you live in NYC or Old Saybrook, CT. Many people never had tapas, however, living in NY and not having tapas is pretty weird cause they are so easily available here. 🙂

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