Top Ten Signs That Spring Has Arrived In The City

  1. Couples openly making out in the park
  2. A guy that looks like John Goodman scream “GREAT ASS” at me as I was my dog at 8:30PM in the Financial District
  3. I’m sneezing and feeling sick even though I pop my Zyrtec with the same precision as a girl “on the pill”
  4. The dog wants to go outside because it’s neither too hot nor too cold (he’s a finicky bugger)
  5. Sitting at work, I squirm like a 3-year-old who drank a gallon of soda
  6. Random people stare at you and make conversation trying to get their freak on
  7. Groups of teenagers wander the streets like marauders
  8. Mini skirts, short shorts, midriff baring tops, and tons of freshly waxed skin
  9. Everyone is exercising outdoors after work
  10. The return of street fairs
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4 Responses to Top Ten Signs That Spring Has Arrived In The City

  1. Loren Chase says:

    I completely agree with all of these. Especially the allergies, mine have not stopped bothering me since the beginning of this month. And Zyrtec doesn’t work for me anymore. I also feel like the short shorts have gotten shorter! But I couldn’t be happier with the weather. 🙂

    • Oh that terrible about the Zyrtec not working! This season is supposed to be really bad for allergies, but it’s so hard to stay inside in this great weather. The shorts are definitely shrinking while the heels are growing into stilts. 😉

  2. Elle says:

    I love spring in the city. The top sign that spring is here for me, is the return of the fruit stand vendor in front of my building 😉

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