Vices: An essential outlet

Everyone has them. Most of us try to hide them. Some flaunt them. But have you ever noticed the consequences of tackling them? I have recently. At first I thought it was just me, but I realized a lot of people around me do this too. For all the things you have under control in your life, you have to have something out of control. One place you let everything go crazy.

Like the hardworking lawyer with the messy office. Or the girl with beautiful nails and crappy shoes.

Little did I know that when I took on my overspending and my dirty apartment that my eating would get out of control. Because I took away my two biggest vices. And left myself with no outlet. No place to let off steam. So naturally, I went back to an old vice that I had previously been getting under control. Overeating.

Which has caused other problems and now I have to get that back under control without letting the apartment get messy or the bills rack up. So what is my new vice? I don’t know. I just know I need one that isn’t über self-destructive.  I could drink more but that messes up my diet. I could take up smoking but I hate the smell of it.  I guess I can try being meaner to people or hmm not replying to emails or voicemails for a while. LOL. Sorry being Miss Punctual that would freak everyone in my life out.

My friend suggested I take up beading or bracelet making as a creative outlet, but I think I need something more slackerific.

Any thoughts about areas of my life I can let go to hell in a hand basket  or things I can do that are bad for me without being super bad for me? And I already bite my nails and swear a lot so those are out.

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2 Responses to Vices: An essential outlet

  1. berry says:

    Since you are overeating, why not go crazy eating healthy. Or start shopping again but at the dollar store. I’d take up boy watching and take it to a new level. If none of those appeal to you try learning a new hobby or painting. Create crazy works of art.

    Do something but don’t eat.

    • I did have a cooking night last night with asparagus and chicken in a lemon and butter sauce. The cooking helped because I had no plan I just made it up as I went, throwing in a dash of this and that. Like a crazy science experiment. It was delicious and worked for my diet. The dollar store is a great idea for when the urge to shop hits, though I can imagine myself with 40 bottles of $1 nail polish! I haven’t painted in a long time, that sounds fun too. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?